We make Complicated, Simple

Simplify complex processes and solutions, making them easy to understand and implement.

Open Source

  • Linux & FreeBSD 
  • Ansible
  • ActiveMQ
  • Kubernetes
  • NGIX


  • Enterprise Linux Support
  • DevSecOps
  • Sensitive Data Protection
  • Container Platform
  • End Point Security


FUSION is a leading systems integration company with over a decade of experience, offering comprehensive Cyber Security and IT infrastructure solutions for small to enterprise clients.

Area of Expertise

Human expertise is irreplaceable. That’s why we only focus on what we excel at to help you transform and secure your mission critical workloads. The more we know, the more we can achieve for you. We are specialists, not generalists.

Run SAP on Enterprise Linux

Optimize your SAP experience on Linux with our expert support. Enjoy robust performance, enhanced security, and cost-effective solutions.

Keep Your Data Secure

Protect against cyberthreats with identity governance & IAM, vulnerability detection in applications & data protection.

Simplify Your IT Operation

Help you reduce cost and simplify complexity and transform IT into a services-driven organization.

Deliver Non Stop and High Performance IT

High-availability solutions deliver nonstop IT for uninterrupted service and run your critical IT systems with confidence.

Manage Risk and Eliminate threats

Effectively manage risks and eliminate threats across both cloud and on-premise IT security with our comprehensive solutions.

Legacy and App Modernization

Enhance performance and functionality by managing and modernizing legacy applications and improve efficiency.

Linux is in our DNA

Year in business

With 17 years in business and still growing, Fusion has established itself as a dynamic and thriving company.

Project Delivered

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each project upholds the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Happy Customers

We prioritize creativity, open communication, and mutual respect. Working with us is enjoyable and fun.

5 reason to work with us

Fast Response

We’re like superheroes when it comes to handling your inquiries, issues, or requests. Lightning-fast responses and effective solutions are our superpowers!

No Geek Speak

We keep things simple and straightforward, leaving the techy talk behind —no need for a tech dictionary! We speak human language.


For us, being accountable means ensuring everything gets back on track. We strive to make things right and deliver the best outcomes.


We values open communication, embraces creativity, and ensures a positive atmosphere where working together is both productive and enjoyable.


We’re pros at what we do. We conduct hundreds of labs before anything reaches your production environment. “Trial and error”? Not in our dictionary!