Work Happier !

To us, it’s not just about having a business ; it’s about win-win, accountability and fun, one that works and creates value for our customer, partners and us.

What We do

We provide IT support services for projects large and small, ongoing maintenance, or to supplement your staff. Our team of trained and certified engineers holds years of experience in technology, and we create an environment where education and training are paramount for our support teams.

Core Values

Deliver Results


Own The Work

Fun to Work with

Our Solutions

Our Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Enterprise Linux team work closely with customers to understand their needs and deliver solutions that cover their entire technology lifecycle, from the lab to real-world deployment.


We believe people who like what they do, can do it better. Working hard to deliver a impressive result, experience and company.

Happy people make happy customers and happy customers make for a successful, thriving company.
We put a lot of effort and investment into making sure that we are a happy & fun company to work with.

We are driven, deadly seriously curious about our work. Our skills are specific and fine-tuned. We are specialists, not generalists.


FUSION is a full-service systems integration company that founded in 2006. Fusion has traversed an enriching journey of more than a decade and has emerged as a distributor and IT Infrastructure Solution provider supporting customers from small and medium businesses to enterprise clients. 

Our business goal is to provide creative, reliable, cost-effective solutions to our customers at the right cost. We want to be recognized by our customers, partners, and community as the professional, reliable, and ‘fun to work with’ company in integrating, consulting, introducing and maintaining their business solutions.